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Nov. 20, 2020

To tinker away with the Timeline -
Now wouldn't that be just a blast?
To be whisked away to the future,
or into the mists of the past!
There's one thing for sure I would promise -
that if such a thing I could do -
I'd alter this year twenty twenty
and change it for me and for you!

We would live free, without interference,
from those who'd destroy all that's good.
They'd wind up on their own little planet
with others controlling and rude,
where everyone there is a liar,
a cheater, a schemer, a creep.
There would be no means of escaping,
For thus, having sown, they would reap!

We could then all go back to old normal -
what's time honored, faithful, and true,
no masking the smile on our faces,
as we honor the red, white, and blue.
We'd enjoy our Thanksgiving and Christmas
with no sleazy fink at the gate,
who reports to the governor's mansion
how many and just what we ate.

Alas! my Timeline adventure
is limited to what you see -
a frequently changing wallpaper
and portraits of little ol' me!
As we pass through this time of high strangeness,
and wonder each day what we'll do,
we must trust our Almighty Creator
Who alone sees us all safely through!

© Blaise

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Feb. 3, 2020

Steer clear of fear;
guard your eyes and what you hear!
Do not fear; be of good cheer.
Call on Jesus, Who is ever near.
Times will come and times will go,
Some will be bright, some filled with woe -
Call to Him Who loves you always,
more than you will ever know!

© Blaise
Oct. 31, 2019

Now the Light of Jesus Christ of Nazareth,
the Chosen One, the Truth, the Way
shines forth in triumph and dispels the darkness
of this wicked day!

Begone, you vanquished powers of hell,
of Satan, sin, of lies, of death, and woe,
Now unto your appointed place
you must forever go.

The One Who has the victory
now holds this earth forever in His power.
He triumphant reigns,
Who has burst apart your useless chains!

Christ Jesus’ holy name alone we bless and praise,
as in His triumph now our shouts of joy we raise,
and forever throughout endless days.
His holy, precious blood has set us free,
as He the Lamb of God alone
has won the victory!

© Blaise
Oct. 19, 2018

Peering down into the depths

while viewing from a rocky ledge, I see

myriad colors murky, deep, and dark,

but also shimmering, dancing light

that sparkles, smiles 

and reaches up to me.

It is as if the sun when setting

was absorbed and held entranced

beneath the surface of a 

captivating, wild, and lonely sea.

Now peering up it seeks a way,

come what may,

whereby it may regain the sky,

ascend into its former glory

and be free!


© Yvonne Blasy

Sep. 3, 2018

Playing with color 

by day or by night

can wash away sadness 

and bring some delight.

A small dash of yellow, 

or purple, or green

can bring some new insights 

or brighten the scene!

So get out your colors 

and set things in motion;

You may be surprised 

if you follow this notion! 


© Blaise