Aug. 20, 2022

Please police me, spy on me;
O Great Reset Technocracy;
To think I used to be alone!
Police me, and watch me here at home.

Please police me everywhere;
Go through my clothes, my underwear.
Please plant a wire in all my things;
Police me - what happiness it brings.

Please police me through the shades.
Surprise me with those pre dawn raids!
I know it’s for the greater good.
Police me, just like you said you would.

Please police me; watch my moves,
Stake out my house - that really grooves!
Can’t waste my life on liberty;
Police me; it’s never about me.

Please police me; spy on me;
You’ve got big time technology;
My privacy is such a sin;
Police me, and please stop by again.

© Celestial Nomad
Jun. 15, 2022

A rhyme I dug up out of a box. I wrote this quite awhile back. Just for fun.

The Skin Song

O, I now give thanks for my skin-
It keeps my bones and organs in.
Without my skin I would be dead.
No hair would grow out from my head.

Though beauty may be but skin deep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my skin to keep.
It may have wrinkles, zits, or sag.
Without my skin I’d be a drag.

It covers me from head to feet
and holds in all my cellulite!
When something’s cold or something’s hot,
it lets me know right on the spot.

My skin comes on the scene with flair.
No matter what, it’s always there.
It may be black or brown or pale -
one thing’s for sure - it will not fail
to interface with all of life,
through happy times or toil or strife.

My skin sure helps to keep me whole;
it makes a home wherein my soul
can venture out through time and space,
enjoying life in many a place.
It shapes itself to look like me
with individuality!

Now frogs and snakes may shed their skin,
but I sure like the skin I’m in!
And if it’s young or if it’s old,
I wear my skin so proud and bold.

Though beauty may be but skin deep,
I pray Thee, Lord, my skin to keep!

© Blaise
Jun. 12, 2022

The view outside the window
may not be all that, it's true,
but it may be a pleasant respite
from the view
of what goes on inside as a whole,
or the view within that tells of pain within the soul.

Celestial Nomad
Jan. 4, 2022

This is the way real folk singers write good old fashioned protest songs... More to come. Time for another Folk Revival!

Delta’s Gone
(to be sung to the tune of Delta Dawn)

Delta's gone;
Omicron is goin’ on;
Covid nineteen was the rage in days gone by
And did I hear you say,
Yes, I took the jab today -
I know Fauci, Gates, and Biden wouldn’t lie!

Delta’s gone,
But I still have two masks on;
That Coronavirus just might do me in!
I’ve lost count of booster shots;
And that might seem like a lot,
But some anti-vaxer just might be downwind!

Delta’s gone,
But the fairy tales go on;
I believe and listen to the government;
They enhance my health you see -
Passing out those shots for free -
with the science we all trust, so let it be!

Delta’s gone,
Something weird is going on,
I don’t look as well as I did yesterday,
Since Trump brought us all Warp Speed,
I still trust my god, you see;
I’ll ignore it all and look the other way.

Delta’s gone,
But the truth must still go on,
as the facts of this kerfuffle still unfold!
Death rates up, and birth rates down;
Soon there’ll be no one around
who’s not bought into the pack of lies they sold.

(Repeat Verse 1)

© Celestial Nomad
Nov. 20, 2020

To tinker away with the Timeline -
Now wouldn't that be just a blast?
To be whisked away to the future,
or into the mists of the past!
There's one thing for sure I would promise -
that if such a thing I could do -
I'd alter this year twenty twenty
and change it for me and for you!

We would live free, without interference,
from those who'd destroy all that's good.
They'd wind up on their own little planet
with others controlling and rude,
where everyone there is a liar,
a cheater, a schemer, a creep.
There would be no means of escaping,
For thus, having sown, they would reap!

We could then all go back to old normal -
what's time honored, faithful, and true,
no masking the smile on our faces,
as we honor the red, white, and blue.
We'd enjoy our Thanksgiving and Christmas
with no sleazy fink at the gate,
who reports to the governor's mansion
how many and just what we ate.

Alas! my Timeline adventure
is limited to what you see -
a frequently changing wallpaper
and portraits of little ol' me!
As we pass through this time of high strangeness,
and wonder each day what we'll do,
we must trust our Almighty Creator
Who alone sees us all safely through!

© Blaise

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