May. 28, 2018

Prayer On The Eve Of Weekly Worship

Our gracious Heavenly Father, another week draws to its close, as we anticipate the Lord’s Day tomorrow and the privilege of gathering together with our fellow believers called to be saints in our various houses of worship.

Lord we know that the way is narrow and hard that leads to life, and some grow discouraged, especially in these times as the Body of Christ is under threat from all sorts of directions, within and without. Please send Your Holy Spirit to revive the faint of heart, so that we all may be faithful in Christ and to the Gospel to the end. Help us to be encouragers of one another, in the power of Your love.

Some have withered in the faith due to sense of hopelessness in life, or due to the relentless pressures of the forces of evil upon them. As You lead, Lord, let us be Your hands and feet where necessary, or Your listening ear of understanding and comfort. Please help the discouraged to remember that all things are working together for the good of those who love You. Please let us all encourage one another in the faith, and to remind one another that often the evil one will bring oppression upon us so that we will not move forward to a blessing that lies ahead. Help us to pray for and with one another, and to not merely look after our own concerns, but to love as You love us. Grant us all refreshment and revival when we falter, and forgive us and renew us if we fall.

Lord, please grant awakening and a hunger and thirst for You and for returning home to those who have fallen away. Help them to know that with You there is forgiveness and plenteous redemption. Lead them home to Your Presence and fulness of joy among the Body of Christ once more, and help them to find comfort among loving and grace filled fellowship.

And may all who seek to worship You in Spirit and in Truth come together with our brothers and sisters as one in You, dear Abba. Let us remember how You sent our Elder Brother to shed His blood on our behalf to ransom and renew us and to bring us back to You and to one another. Help us to penitently and gratefully receive His Body and Blood in the Lord’s Supper, and to be refreshed through the Holy Spirit in Your Word. Let us prepare this evening and before we come before Your altar in the morning to receive Your holy gifts.

We give You all thanks, honor, praise and glory for hearing and answering these our prayers, in the holy and almighty name of Jesus Christ, the name that is above every name, and the only name whereby we must be saved. Amen.


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