May. 28, 2018

Prayer For The Workaday

Abba Father, We give thanks that You have granted us a living Faith by Your Holy Spirit, through the Water and the living Word our Holy Baptism. As we enter upon another period of the workaday week, we humbly beseech You that You will grant us the wherewithal from Above, to live by faith in the promises of salvation that You have granted to us therein. Let us live in continual recognition of the need to daily drown the old Adam, and to live in such a way that reflects that we are raised up in our Lord Jesus - dead to self, sin, and Satan - but empowered by the Spirit from on High! Help us to be - in Jesus - as light of the world and salt of the earth in all our endeavors and interactions - of thought, word, and deed - with the world into which You have sent us, at home or away.

We ask for Your wisdom and grace to be poured into us and to shine through us in our calling and daily work, wherever You may have placed us, whether we are at home or in some other work setting, let us remember that we are purchased and won by the Blood of the Lamb, and that we reflect Your good grace and power, no matter how humble the task. At the times when we are alone, lift our hearts and minds up into the heavenly places with our Lord Jesus. Even in humble tasks let us acknowledge Your holy presence in the midst of them, and thus to give thanks. Above all help us to remember that the servant is no greater than his master, and thus to take our place as servants of all with Him, for which privilege we give You honor and praise.

The days are challenging ones, Lord, for those unemployed and the under employed. In Your mercy, Abba, please direct them to the promise of abundance through our Lord Jesus Christ, and then to fruitful work, so that there may be enough of bread on their tables and a roof over their heads to sustain them without peril to their spiritual, emotional, or physical wellbeing. Please grant them situations where there is balance in life, so that they are not robbed of time to turn to You in prayer and in devotion to Your word, in right priority of seeking first the kingdom of God, that all the necessities in life will be met and added unto them. And if there are any to whom You direct us to be charitable as they cross the bridge from lack to abundance, please open our awareness to these and our hearts in generosity toward them. Let us remember that whoever sows generously will also reap generously, according to Your promise for which we thank You. 

Abba Father, we give thanks that You have provided generously through Your Son for the salvation of our neighbors, friends, and family near and afar. We remember before You those who have yet to be led by Your Holy Spirit into the knowledge of Your amazing grace in Jesus. (Names may be mentioned here.) Please open their hearts to receive what You have provided for all humankind, and to hunger and thirst only for the righteousness which is found in Christ Jesus. If there are any with whom You would have us share the Gospel, then please clearly direct us and open up the opportunity. Grant us the words to say, full of light and grace. Please give clarity to those who are in the faith, but need to grow in understanding and grace. Help us to be ready “in season and out of season” to share Your precious gospel with any to whom You call us, and grant us the boldness to do so in Jesus’ name.

Father God, we bring before You concern for all schools - both parochial and public, colleges and universities, trade schools, seminaries, and also precious homeschoolers. Lord, our education systems have been under attack for over a half century. Your name, Your ways, Your commandments, and  prayer have been supplanted by humanistic and godless philosophies. Lord, in Your mercy, please grant that these works and schemes of the devil may be thwarted and overturned, and that our educational institutions - not just in the USA, but all over the world - will be given over to the ways of the Kingdom of Heaven once again, where the very highest wisdom of Your Mind, Your ways, and Your will are honored, blessed, and practiced and Your name held in highest regard. For we know that the minds of our young people will determine the future, so let them be guarded and guided with the Spirit of the Most High, for the good of all. 

What follows this is our plea that godliness and integrity will reign in the workplace and corporate world. Even among those who do not know Your name, we pray that there will be in practice codes of ethics, integrity, and honorable and honest practices. For all Your children who represent You, Father God, in the workplaces, we pray that Your Holy Spirit will guide and work through them / us in ways that only bring honor to Your name.

For righteousness and Godly wisdom we do pray, Lord, in all branches of government and leaders all over the world, and in the military. We especially ask that Your protection, wisdom, and power for godliness be with our President and the Executive branch of the US leadership, as well as the Legislative and Judicial branches. Let all who oppose righteousness be exposed and their wickedness and treachery be dispatched with haste through justice and the rule of law. Where possible let hearts be changed toward repentance and a turning to the Lord Jesus Christ, that we who are called by Your name may lead godly and productive lives in peace, and that the Gospel may go forward unimpeded and Your will be done forevermore. Let all unrighteous and immoral laws be repealed and overturned, especially for the sake of the unborn and all innocents who cannot speak for themselves. Lord in Your mercy, hear our prayer!

May the peace that comes from Above reign in all hearts, Lord, that we may be also at peace with one another - living in lovingkindness and understanding to the glory of Your name in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We rejoice and praise You for Your promise, Abba, through our Lord Jesus Christ, that if two of us shall agree on earth as touching anything for which we shall ask, that it shall be done by You; for where two or three have gathered together in Your Name, You are here in our midst. Please forgive the limitations of our faltering words and thoughts, and may the Holy Spirit attend to this with His intercessions in sighs too deep for words! 

And so we beseech You, Lord, let it be so now according to Your will and Your Word, in Christ Jesus our all powerful Lord and Savior, now and forever. Amen.


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