Jun. 26, 2018

Set Us Free From Evil

Abba Father, the final petition in the prayer taught to us by our Lord Jesus is that You would deliver us from the evil one because to You alone belongs the Kingdom, the power, and the glory now and forever. And so at this time we bring before You this request, at a time in our world’s history when evil seems to have the upper hand more than it ever has, having made inroads into the hearts and minds of men - by the lies spread about by the father of lies and those who knowingly or unknowingly serve him. May he be rebuked and deposed forever from enthronement in the hearts of men, dear Father God!

We rejoice that the head of the Serpent, the old evil foe, has already been crushed on the hill of Golgotha, through the holy, innocent, bitter sufferings and death of Your only begotten Son - our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been ransomed by His precious blood! In Him through our Baptism we are dead to the evil one, the flesh, and the world. And you have decreed for us eternal life, so that death has no power over us! And so we pray that, in Your mercy and by the power of Your Holy Spirit, You will continually remind us not only of this, but that we have been made alive in Jesus’ resurrection and translated into Your kingdom of infinite Grace and power, so as to live rejoicing forever in all that You have given us - free from sin and victorious in the righteousness of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Lord, many have not heard the message of this gospel of deliverance from evil, and of the power over temptation and sin that You grant to us through Jesus’ work and by Your Holy Spirit. Consequently they still suffer in the turmoil and chains and darkness of addiction and despair. Many are tortured and oppressed in not only soul and mind, but in physical chains as well. And so we ask that You will send forth messengers to each and every one to share with them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that they would be set free into the glorious liberty of the sons of God through Jesus our Lord, in Whose name we petition on their behalf. Let all who struggle with sin find release from its death grip through the Gospel’s presentation, and by the power of the Holy Spirit being poured out upon and into them, through Your holy Word, whether in the church or outside it.

Father God, we rejoice that in our Lord Jesus we have been given eternal life. Grant us love and boldness to reach out to all who are in need of this Good News, so that they may be set free in spirit, soul, body, and life circumstances from all the powers or works of darkness, and walk in the light of Your love, to the glory of Your holy name in Your Son Christ Jesus. Amen.