Oct. 19, 2018

A Prayer At Midnight

How brightly, Heavenly Father, shine the lights which You have strewn across the darkness of the night sky! We give You thanks at the end of this day, as it moves into the next, for these.

But especially do we give You thanks for the brightness of Your own dear Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, Whose radiance shone forth from above, Who came into this world bearing the Good News of Your infinite love for humankind, and by His shed holy blood set us free from spiritual darkness and captivity, so that we may walk out of the darkness in which we were imprisoned, and may live freely, and worship You in spirit and in truth.

Grant us ever increasing knowledge of this renewed life, your gift of grace to us, dear Lord. Please give to our hearts understanding. Release for our bodies rest, and inner peace this night. Grant us hearts renewed, and create in us Your own Spirit, that we may be healed and set free from within, as we live in the salvation which You have provided in our Lord Jesus Christ, in Whose name we commend ourselves into Your care and keeping, now and forever.