Aug. 17, 2019

Prayer For All Who Seek Him

Lord God, Heavenly Father, please bless and answer all who seek You with their whole heart this night, and at all times - all who want to know You more deeply, who need to be found by You for the very first time, who have wandered far away, or wish to come home to You. Help them not to be afraid, but to run to Your loving arms. 

Please keep them safe from all harm and danger of body, soul, and spirit - until they find Your peace and the quiet within Your green pastures.

Please surround them with the protection of Your Holy angels, and send Your Holy Spirit to them to draw them to You. Please heal all the wounding within them that may have been caused by "religion," and help them to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that while You are the Lord of all things, You create, redeem, restore, rule, and reign through infinite Love, that You turn away no one who seeks Your wisdom, that Your way is to serve and to heal.

Help all who do not understand it to know that You seek a relationship with them to gently make them whole again by Your Grace.

Thank you, Father through our Lord Jesus Christ in Whose name we humbly request Your loving interventions for all such souls.