Oct. 24, 2017

Prayer: The First Line Of Defense!

While engaged in morning prayers for needs and concerns personal, familial, and political, I was impressed with the thought that it is increasingly important for Christians to "Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving." Colossians 4:2. 

This was also coupled with the idea that prayer - our hotline directly to God, made available through Jesus Christ - must never be given up, in spite of circumstances, in spite of everything our senses tell us, in spite of our perceptions of what is going on in life or in the world, or in spite of our mind's interpretation of those perceptions. Never ever give up on prayer - even in the face of doubt, fear, or the illusion of hopelessness. ... 

These "feelings" will come! These perceptions will make it seem in every way as if the Lord has forsaken this planet. But this is precisely the time we must not give up on prayer. We have to see by faith beyond these things, into the holy vision of salvation that God provides for us through Jesus Christ.  

Thus it behooves us to devote ourselves to the practice of prayer, keep alert, and in spite of what we perceive, to honor the Lord with praise and thanksgiving. 

When we are devoting ourself to prayer, and keeping our minds and hearts attuned with the mind of Christ by meditating on Holy Scripture, praying them, we will find ourself in a space of peace that transcends circumstances and ordinary comprehensions. 

In prayer we are not simply giving vent to some tepid, humanistic centered evaporating hope. For when we pray we are calling on Abba Father to send forth all the faithful host of heaven on behalf of a world ransomed from darkness by the blood of Christ! These angelic hosts are far more powerful than the adversary who besieges us with accusing thoughts, great temptation to wickedness, self centered concerns, and the physical situations contrived by those in league with the dark side. 

There are also actual spiritual attacks on the part of the demonic realms called forth by humans who invoke such things! Let us get past the idea that this is not real!

But truth be told, the forces of darkness have no legitimate authority here. When we pray, as we stand in Christ, we are exposing and dismantling the agendas and influence of darkness.

Here is what also needs to be understood: The host of heavenly angelic warriors may actually have some challenges breaking through enemy lines. (That may seem surprising, but please go to Daniel 10:10 and verses surrounding this account for further insight.) 

So it is all the more needed that we are faithful and continual in prayer during times when we may not be perceiving breakthrough. We are calling forth - through petitioning Abba Father in the name of Jesus Christ - our most powerful allies in the cosmic spiritual realm in these last days! In this we are one with Christ Jesus in heavenly places - the interceding Great High Priest, and the priesthood of all who are in Him at the all powerful right hand of the Father. 

Prayer is thus a mighty privilege not as well understood as it ought to be. It may be said that it is learned through its practice. Prayer is the very work of the Church - the house of prayer, those who are of one heart and mind with Christ in the understanding of the outworking of salvation. 

So let us pray for the Spirit of holy prayer, and the understanding of its importance, and then be diligent about our Father’s business.