Mar. 30, 2019

"Fixing" Pedophilia

Today's post aims at a wake up call as to how pervasive this is and what is required to provide real solutions. There's a little homework required - viewing a video and an article, both linked below.

This TEDxTalks video brings up some interesting perspectives, about which we ought to all start to think. Personally this writer thinks it will take more than "having a talk" with a pedophile, or even encouraging psychological counseling, to bring something equal to the task of "fixing" this horror that has been unleashed on our society.

The fact that there are so many thumbs down on this is probably a good sign that there may be hope - not everyone has swallowed the soft psycho-Babylon Kool Aid.

This problem cannot be fixed by laws or psycho-babble. It is a spiritual one, where surrender to the inner transformation of a new heart must be received through the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Pedophilia is demonic; that's why the speaker in this video has no solutions for it. Nor will law enforcement fix it, except to keep pedophiles in check, and thank heaven for that.

But - It's beyond the scope of what she offers. Nearer the beginning of her speech, she says pedophiles are not mentally ill, but toward the end of her talk she says it's a mental health problem requiring all our help. So which is it - mental illness or not? But her solution is a weak one: always take the psychology route. This does not touch the issue at its source. 

Watch your children like a hawk. This agenda is everywhere.

So the question is, Are you OK with "normalizing" pedophilia as a "sexual orientation"? See article:

It seems our society is well on its way down the flusher. Young kids ought to be allowed the innocence of childhood where their creativity is encouraged in simple and innocent play where they are not bothered by this input at all. Especially in school where they are bombarded with sexualization at an early age where they are not ready for this!

Parents also should not have to be uneasy about their children being allowed to run freely in the neighborhood. But it's not like that anymore.

Beware of who you leave you kids with, even in church. Do you ever wonder why there is this push to have "children's church", separating little ones from their parents? Your kids ought to be sitting next to you in the pew - learning how to worship and honor God from YOUR example, and how to be still and reverent, not shunted off to some room down the hall where who knows what kind of indoctrination or activity is being foisted on them!

Think it can't happen? Think again. The radical left where all this originates has its tentacles in every organization, including religious.

If you were Satan, wouldn't that be your first target? Think about that.

So, we need a solution equal to the problem. There are many problems that cannot be "fixed" on the same level they are manifesting. Human psychology and law enforcement can do their part in identifying and bringing down the full force of the law.

But if we actually want it stopped, then the source of it must be addressed, and that is in the spiritual realm, the unseen.