Jul. 8, 2019

Supply And Demand Christianity

Could it be a matter of supply and demand that drives business model Christianity?!

I did a little experiment last evening, and picked a random You Tube video - some preacher I'd never heard of before, and listened. He used all sorts of descriptors, like "difficulties" and "things people are challenged by", but never once used the word "sin," nor "self," (let alone that really old fashioned idea - Satan!) as the culprits they really are, with the application of denying oneself and taking up one's own cross to follow Jesus as the "remedy." It was very interesting to hear how he danced around the good old fashioned Bible terminology, and instead substituted psycho-babble.

It's important to HEAR what we listen to, and pray for discernment.

Ear tickling charlatans (suppliers of religious falsehood) must have ears that want to be tickled (demand), who want a feel good message. The latter ("customers") must not be offended by the word "sin", as that message doesn't generate the fiscal means to support the extravagant lifestyles of the suppliers, or those who want to be like them. Demand and supply, supply and demand.

Whatever happened to presenting the "Law" first to bring conviction of sin, followed by the Good News of what Jesus Christ has brought into our reality to deliver us from that? As one old pastor I knew used to say, "The Gospel means both afflicting the comfortable, and then comforting the afflicted."