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Apr. 6, 2019

See this eye opening list! How did this happen?

"And I will set My face against you, so that you will be defeated by your enemies. Those who hate you will rule over you, and you will flee when no one pursues you." Leviticus 26:17.

This is what happens to a nation that legitimizes slaughter of the unborn and the newborn, along with other unspeakable ungodliness with its laws. The USA these days is "Christian" in name only. How are we deluded to believe that we should be the exception? Where's the "fruit" of a living relationship with Christ? Perhaps Abba is about to take us out behind the barn and give us what we've got coming. Bodily discipline to save the soul.

There is the opportunity to come into "4 part harmony" with God. It goes like this (notice the 4 parts): "IF my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; THEN will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land." 2 Chronicles 7:14.

What? "We The People" called by His name have "wicked ways?" how dare anyone suggest that, since we're under grace and not law? Go back and study your Scriptures. Read them all. No cherry picking. Rightly divide. Understand the relationship between "Law" and "Grace".

Don't expect politicians or presidents to save you.

Don't expect to be "raptured" out of here either (thoughts for another day).

Mar. 30, 2019

Today's post aims at a wake up call as to how pervasive this is and what is required to provide real solutions. There's a little homework required - viewing a video and an article, both linked below.

This TEDxTalks video brings up some interesting perspectives, about which we ought to all start to think. Personally this writer thinks it will take more than "having a talk" with a pedophile, or even encouraging psychological counseling, to bring something equal to the task of "fixing" this horror that has been unleashed on our society.

The fact that there are so many thumbs down on this is probably a good sign that there may be hope - not everyone has swallowed the soft psycho-Babylon Kool Aid.

This problem cannot be fixed by laws or psycho-babble. It is a spiritual one, where surrender to the inner transformation of a new heart must be received through the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. Pedophilia is demonic; that's why the speaker in this video has no solutions for it. Nor will law enforcement fix it, except to keep pedophiles in check, and thank heaven for that.

But - It's beyond the scope of what she offers. Nearer the beginning of her speech, she says pedophiles are not mentally ill, but toward the end of her talk she says it's a mental health problem requiring all our help. So which is it - mental illness or not? But her solution is a weak one: always take the psychology route. This does not touch the issue at its source. 

Watch your children like a hawk. This agenda is everywhere.

So the question is, Are you OK with "normalizing" pedophilia as a "sexual orientation"? See article:

It seems our society is well on its way down the flusher. Young kids ought to be allowed the innocence of childhood where their creativity is encouraged in simple and innocent play where they are not bothered by this input at all. Especially in school where they are bombarded with sexualization at an early age where they are not ready for this!

Parents also should not have to be uneasy about their children being allowed to run freely in the neighborhood. But it's not like that anymore.

Beware of who you leave you kids with, even in church. Do you ever wonder why there is this push to have "children's church", separating little ones from their parents? Your kids ought to be sitting next to you in the pew - learning how to worship and honor God from YOUR example, and how to be still and reverent, not shunted off to some room down the hall where who knows what kind of indoctrination or activity is being foisted on them!

Think it can't happen? Think again. The radical left where all this originates has its tentacles in every organization, including religious.

If you were Satan, wouldn't that be your first target? Think about that.

So, we need a solution equal to the problem. There are many problems that cannot be "fixed" on the same level they are manifesting. Human psychology and law enforcement can do their part in identifying and bringing down the full force of the law.

But if we actually want it stopped, then the source of it must be addressed, and that is in the spiritual realm, the unseen.


Mar. 20, 2019

See link.

Why in the world would anyone ever leave their child alone in an exam room in the first place, or any other place where they could be compromised by "trusted" individuals that you really don't know? People are far too trusting of "professionals" - whether they are in medicine, education, clergy, etc! This is not an "illness". It is the worst kind of evil imaginable - the demonic on steroids - in this final outpouring of lies, deceit, and treachery.

Years ago we stopped calling SIN what it is, and began to call it a "sickness." Everything went soft, even to the point of denying that evil exists! That became one more chink in the armor in a world where no one can any longer call a spade a spade - because the politically correct thing to do is to become tolerant of evil. Now there are some who want to lower the "age of consent" so these freaks can have their way with kids even more.

Part of the Orwellian nightmare unfolding right in front of our faces. It's there to see for anyone willing to wake up and LOOK! And then you have to wonder, where are all these missing kids going, some never to be seen again?

Think about that and start asking questions.

Mar. 9, 2019

 Human Microchipping!

Please view this video about human micro chipping, and its implications. Tru News points out the falacies of Darbyism, the Rapture, and by implication, the "3rd Temple". All of this points to the coming of the son of perdtion, also called the antiChrist.

Are you ready?

Mar. 4, 2019
After awhile one wonders where the truth (as far as current events) really is, and who controls the information flow and therefore the opinions (and anxiety levels!) of many human minds via media and the "internet of things." The one side says catastrophe through global warming. The other side says there's going to be an ice age. Then there are the ones who say that all the weather is being geo engineered by the super powers. 


Who is censored by "Ewe Tube" (as in the Sheeple's Tabloid News) and on other social media? Some say it's the conservatives and Christians and "conspiracy theorists" (a term, it is said, that was invented and propagated by the CIA for several decades now). Yet I see many who sit under the tent called "Christendom" NOT censored who are just as conservative as the next info-mouthpiece. Likewise with some non religious conservatives. Likewise some conspiracy theorists.


So who gets chosen for censorship and who doesn't? Is it the delivery style that "they" take issue with - for example, if you're frankly rude? I'd vote for that idea personally, since I no longer choose to listen to the ones who cuss and name call and act like jack asses. Yet who knows who best serves - altho the information conflicts - those who control information flow, in spite of the label they wear? And is the purpose of that information flow to create mayhem through conflictual information?


As for information dissemination, do we even know if it is any longer human controlled, or has Artificial Intelligence advanced so much through the electronic universe that it now takes on a life of its own (Or provides a channel for unseen life with an anti human agenda)?


I just visited a link that deals with chemtrail / cloud seeding / geo engineering - claiming that all the snow now copiously falling on us is artificial. Can we know it this is true? Is the weather being controlled artificially? This guy's message never changes. Nor does the fever pitch tone of his videos. I have followed him for years... until recently. But if "they" who control information do not want such things to become public, why is this person - clearly a conspiracy guy - allowed to keep broadcasting his perspectives? Frankly I'm suspicious as whether the planet is being boiled alive by greenhouse gases and too much bovine flatulence.


All the while others support the "solar minimum" view and/or the onset of a mini ice age.


What's seems odd is that opposing sides seem to point to NASA as one of their documentation sources! Somebody is not exactly being truthful here. Not to mention "Never A Straight Answer" (NASA) itself. Could these "publicly respected" agencies (NASA, NOAA...) also be participating in a massive push to keep the public confused and in conflict with one another, and thus provide different streams of "research" that provide each side of the argument with different outcomes? If so, what's the point? And what are all these agencies actually? whose interests do they represent? Did you even wonder about the “tried and true”, the “reliable” sources we have been schooled to trust?


It seems as if all the exacerbated side taking keeps us at one another's throats on ever increasing levels. And a divided public is an easily controlled public. But controlled by whom?


One question can be asked about the info glut: Is it even possible to know what's true about the world of information anymore, except to conclude that mankind is pretty messed up and has been tinkered with for a very long time? My own conclusion is to stick with the Biblical narrative and to ponder its implications in detailed and thoughtful ways, especially the more ancient traditions about the "end times" rather than the newer theories on that.


Trust the Lord, stay prepared as much as possible, especially spiritually. Wait and see how it all works out. Beyond that I think it's very risky business to put all our eggs in one basket or the other. After all they may wind up boiled or frozen. Who knows?


I think I'm in a holding pattern. The reason I got interested in these things started around 2001. Things were happening worldwide and in the workplace that began to make me question things as never before. After going down one rabbit hole after another, I'm beginning to think that the reasons we're where we are in our world are so staggeringly multi facetted that we can't attach ourselves to one "theory" or another.


Think for yourself. Pray constantly for divine wisdom. Trust God. Don't drink any of the flavors of Kool Aid. Stay alert. Ask questions. Be open and talk to one another in a civil manner. We might also consider that we have a common enemy that wants us to be the enemy of one another. This could create a great deal of vulnerability at a time when we need to be covering one another’s six instead of shooting or stabbing one other in the back.


FYI - This entry is not meant to be a humorous diversion but to provoke thought.