Oct. 6, 2016

The Simple Way

Jesus taught that in order to enter the kingdom of heaven you must become as little children. Paul warned the church not to become deceived as Eve was concerning the simplicity that was in Christ. This was the Way that our teacher of righteousness established.

The original simplicity of the Way only lasted for a short time. Too many religious minds were at work to change and codify and "improve" it- where no improvement was needed. What was needed is to understand the simplicity of Jesus' teaching which is not according to carnal mind understanding. As Paul taught, the carnal mind is contrary to God and must be transformed.

The early apostles of Jesus sought to maintain the purity and simplicity of Christ in order to keep the way simple and according to the Holy Spirit, but events overwhelmed them.  The religious structure grew ever more complex and rigid even as Judaism did. The true believers who resisted this man-made structure were called heretics  and persecuted in order for the religious hierarchy to maintain control over the believers.

As a result over the centuries Jesus became misunderstood, until most people believed that He came to establish a religion in the Greek fashion, to save the world entirely on His own instead of through His body: The called out ones on earth which He came to establish and empower with himself being the only true head. What a lie that was! 

Jesus taught such powerful and simple things. He taught us to unite with the Spirit and go into the light – that is all! Nothing else – no elaborate ceremonies, no building of temples and programs, no great hierarchy of priests, no formulas to learn or doctrines to master. His way was the way of truth and life in Him, but they would not come to Him! No, they had their own way of doing things!

So simple His teachings were: unite with the Spirit, be open to the kingdom of heaven, that is the world of Spirit, and let the energy of the Spirit flow down into us and wash away all the sin by his blood, all heaviness, all fear, all doubt, and all the littleness within us that is uncomfortable with the light. And when we are full of the Spirit, how easy it is to step into the light which is our Source and the very nature of our being. How easy to lay aside the body that has served us well, and in the formless world become one with the light. And he taught us that the nature of the Spirit is truth and love and freedom, and when these three are present in our hearts, then indeed we may feel the kingdom of heaven close to us. Jesus said: "Come to me, my yoke is easy and my burden is light."

And He taught us always to keep these things simple, and clear, and not muddied up with elaborate words and rigid formulas, for in simplicity He said we would see the truth of things.  And when that simplicity, that love and truth and freedom flowed through us and blessed us, then indeed we felt that God was with us, carrying us  upwards on the wings of His Spirit. 

But there was such a contrast between the simplicity of the Way and the vast and rigid structures which accumulated around it that the Spirit of Jesus' original teachings in simplicity were lost. These complexities became more and more heaped upon this simple Way and replaced with doctrines of men and their formulas, traditions and ceremonies. I am sure this brings many tears to our Lord who died to free us from religious bondage.

Only the light at the very end of this age gives me any hope for a better outcome. Perhaps then simplicity will return again, and The path of the Spirit shall shine before us and lead all humankind into the light.

Jesus said that if our eye is single our whole body will be full of light. This refers to the single seeing that comes from the simplicity of the Spirit of truth which then will lead us out of darkness and into all Truth. As John taught, the anointing will lead us into all truth.


© George Blasy 2016. Used by permission.