Jan. 2, 2017


Faith is probably the one single most important element for the believer in the scripture. Here are a few thoughts that came to me this morning on this subject. May we all take the high road of faith as we embark on the new year.


Throughout Jesus' ministry He taught His disciples's about the necessity of faith in order to receive the things of God. By faith Jesus did not mean mere mental belief, which evaporates at the slightest contact with contrary sense evidence. Faith is absolute conviction; it's proof lies in the intuitive knowing of the soul. God – consciousness and it's unlimited powers are available to those ardent devotees who steadily develop themselves by prayer and meditation on God until they form an unwavering faith in the omnipotent nature of God and His manifestation in themselves.

When Peter walked on water his faith was only partially developed, indicated by the fact that when he saw the physical waves forming around him, his natural senses caused him to lose the power of the little faith he had. 

Faith is very important, but receptivity to the divine power of faith is shut off by negative thoughts and doubts. Faith grows as you exercise it; and when you have great faith, you can do everything. If you can hold on to an idea long enough, and do not give up when opposed by contrary evidence, even if the whole world says it is impossible; if you can fight the negative thoughts of people and keep your own thoughts strong while working toward your goal, it will manifest.

Jesus and Paul encouraged their followers to always pray and set their affections on things above, things they are good and beautiful. If we allow negativity to infiltrate our mind it will bring our soul down to the more grosser elements and prevent us from experiencing the faith of God and it's benefits. James taught that our mind must be single on God, without which we will not be able to receive the things of God. He also taught that if we draw near to God, God will draw near to ours, and if we resist the devil he will flee from us.

© by Dragonslayer 2017. Used by permission.