Jan. 30, 2019

What It Means To Be In Christ

The thought keeps impacting my mind this morning: THE CHURCH IS THE HOLOGRAM OF JESUS CHRIST! We are in Him and He in us, multiplied by myriads, among those who have been born again and are walking in the Spirit, and who truly have been called according to His name. This is THE real mystery that the evil one does everything he can to keep us from seeing. 

But he cannot do this among those to whom the Holy Spirit has granted the revelation of Christ and Christ in us and we in Him - that for which Jesus prayed in John 17. 

The adversary then also does all he can to deflect our attention from the realization of this reality of having been created anew in Christ and being raised up with Him into the heavenly places, as well as implementation largely thru prayer and praise - a life centered around being who we are in Jesus! These are two mighty weapons against every construct of thought and entity that tries to exalt itself against the Most High.

It always goes back chiefly to the Lord’s prayer and the two prayers of Paul in Ephesians chapters 1 and 3 - that we should pray these contemplatively, thoughtfully, and with understanding and earnestness, so that the revelation of Christ and who we are in Him makes receivers out of believers!