Bite The Bullet Points

May. 12, 2021
Post (in blue quote marks italicized) sent to me via email :
"I recently learned of a study done back in the 1970’s on the effects of diet regarding the health of your heart. They used rabbits as their study group and fed them a high fat diet over several months, while monitoring their blood pressure, heart rate, and cholesterol. All the rabbits experienced an increase in fatty deposits on the insides of their arteries, all but one group. One group had up to sixty percent less fatty deposits. The scientists were confused. Their rabbits were all from the same gene pool, all received the same foods, and followed the same procedures, all but this one group. In this particular group, the researcher would talk to the rabbits, cuddle, pet, and love them. One of the scientists said, “She was an unusually kind and caring individual”.
They repeated the study, changing nothing, and the same results came. The rabbits who were talked to, cuddled, petted, and loved had greater health and less fatty deposits than those who were not. This study is found in a well-known medical journal called Science."
This is as necessary as air, water, and food for all creatures. We become sick, weak, and can die without it. This research was only on a physical level. Or was it just that? We are after all embodied souls and ensouled bodies. Only the Gnostics elevated the spiritual above the physical which they regarded as evil, or at best unimportant. This is dualistic thinking, and is dead wrong.
For over a year now the human population has been kept distant and masked from one another by at least 6 feet in a global diabolical experiment using a virus as an excuse.
We have been robbed of fellowship and social interaction and a great deal of what makes us human (it's called culture).
Our elders have been locked away in nursing care facilities and forbidden the loving touch of family and friends. This is beyond cruel and is regarded by some researchers as torture. A massive solitary confinement. The powers that be know that this weakens and sickens - emotionally, spiritually, psychologically, and physically - and can kill.
Every time it looks like the "numbers" are improving, here comes another "wave." Have you noticed the pattern?
God is Love, so this is not from God. Nor is the confusion and manipulation that comes along with it, because He is not the author of confusion or control.
The best "shot" for this is to draw near to God in prayer and His Word to petition Him as to what to do about it. And stay in the Presence of Him Who is Love until the answer comes.
Clearly petitions to career politicians bear no fruit, because no one is listening on that level. They simply love the focus but keep right on playing god. Politicians and "rulers" will not fix this. As is becoming more evident, they are in on it, and making it worse.
Maybe we are the ones who need to learn to listen to a Higher Authority. Man, like the rabbits aforementioned, does not live by bread alone.
May. 4, 2021
I have to stay off the newsfeed on social media, all mainstream news, and a whole lot of "alt" news too for awhile. Maybe forever. Ignorance is what's epidemic. And contagious to those unprotected by well developed ability to think and reason.
Even with that, it is sooooo tiresome! It is time to move on to being productive and creative again.
Deception is right behind ignorance. Stop looking to corporatized medicine, their puppet politicians, and their NGO affiliates to "save" you with their paltry "trust the science" memes, which are the biggest part of the problem, the very head of the beast system. They are killing you off while experimenting on you, and there you are virtue signaling how wonderful that is and how proud you are to be part of it.
After all, "It's your patriotic duty, for God's sake." Said he in the by INVITATION ONLY address to the Congress the other night.
Think about that. There were only the select invited, to something which has always been for all the Congress being addressed / informed by the POTUS. But not this time... It's been reported that during this address, the uninvited portion of the Congress were not even allowed into their offices in the building!
No, Mr. FauxTUS. It's neither patriotic, nor is it for God's sake. I'd be really careful, if I were you, invoking His name over this deceptive diabolical debacle.
C'mon, man.
Apr. 20, 2021

I've never really approved of the "just Jesus and me and my Bible" kind of direction. Some of the folk who are attracted to T.A. Sparks got that way because they think that's what he's saying; yet he was of an earlier time where the idea of the independent Christian was not even on the horizon. He spoke and wrote and lectured to folks who were "churched".

And there is a plethora of folks who are of the mind that the body of Christ has nothing to offer them, and they have nothing to offer reciprocally. But this 21st century solitary mindset does not take into consideration that throughout history, those who escaped to the desert anciently, or even those who adopt an eremitic lifestyle most often do this with the permission and under the direction of those who are over them in the church setting because it is a spiritually perilous endeavor. 

That solitary mindset works for personal devotions, but the Body of Christ is a living organism, with all its various parts ministering together for the maturing/perfecting of the saints. It is the people of God filled with his spirit, not just individuals.

It's also not just about a reductionistic sort of "fire insurance" either. And if it is, it's not a very good insurance policy, but as Bonhoeffer called it, "cheap grace."

The individualistic Christian mindset is a somewhat new concept, very much American, I might add, which allows for no one being accountable to anyone else, except the god he or she has created in one's own image. Probably one of the biggest forms of idolatry there is in these days of great and often subtle apostasy.

No, we're not perfect. And that is precisely why we need one another in the Body of Christ. It's how Christ designed it.

It may well be that this "I do it my way" mentality is one of the reasons the church as a congregation is becoming a place where it is difficult to get along - because no one wants to submit to one another.

Cliques and the like form around personal interests rather than the mind of Christ. Then a sort of mini mob rule follows, where some are heard and others are not.

The point is that the Church is not a democracy, but those who walk in the Spirit, hearing the Shepherd's Voice, walking according to His word, teaching and admonishing one another in all that He has commanded, and therefore have harmony with one another. It is not the American mindset, nor is it of any other worldy political persuasion. We are to hear one Voice, that of the King of kings and Lord of lords, and that is all - as He makes Himself present in and among His people.


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Mar. 30, 2021
Attend virtual this; attend virtual that; what a bunch of crap. Yes, I said that. Get over it.
Will there be life after virtuality? Nothing virtuous about virtuality.
Can't touch. Can't see each others' faces. Sickening pictures of moms with masks gazing down at their newborns (the ones lucky enough to be allowed to live). Their 1st impression of life is mom's face. And THIS is what they get?
Why? Because a handful of demonically "inspired" pseudo scientists want to disgrace the image of God and his desire to restore His likeness that the human face represents. They want us to regard each other as dirty and diseased. What we are is controlled!
Everybody hating everybody else because whites supposedly have privilege and black lives supposedly don't matter. Divide and conquer. Vaxed against unvaxed. Everybody on the offensive because they're being brainwashed as to what they should be offended about.
Suicides, domestic abuse, and depression off the charts. More dead from that than the fauxdemic. Fascist Technocrat psychos want to determine reality for human beings and play God. Hasn't worked in any of its forms in the past. Won't work now. Unless of course you're of a mind that divide and destroy is a good idea.
We need to stop this dead in its tracks and stop buying into the fear porn and start living, instead of going along to get along. If you think this is OK, you are part of the problem. This is insane. What makes you think it's gonna work? What in blazes has happened to us in a little more than a year?!!! Do you ask that, or just go along with it.
If that's OK with you, go back to sleep.
Only A Messenger
Mar. 24, 2021


Kult Kovid

A brilliant "parable" about the virus as an occult religion, by Jon Rappoport. Linked here: